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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find an overview of this project and how it came about?

Please visit this link for a comprehensive announcement regarding this project.


What renovations are planned for The Pines?

Unit Interiors -- Replacement of kitchens and bathrooms, all new kitchen cabinets, new unit entry doors, new AC sleeves, new windows, new flooring throughout units, fresh paint throughout units, selective closet door and shelving replacement, upgrading HVAC, plumbing  and mechanical systems. Five percent of the apartments will be converted to ADA-compliant units for residents with disabilities. 


Building Exteriors -- Complete roof replacement on all buildings, complete exterior façade beautification, stucco repairs, and painting, insulation of carport access panels. All modifications to exteriors will maintain the historic integrity of the buildings. 


Leasing and Community Building -- Gut renovations of leasing building and community building.  Community building will house a new fitness room event and lounge space, business center, ADA bathrooms, kitchenette and storage space.)   


Playground – Expansion of playground and gazebo area, added fencing and equipment for all ages and mobility.

Site Improvements – New Landscaping, new dumpsters and enclosures, paving and restriping of all parking, new signage and wayfinding, new ADA accessible mailboxes and sidewalks.  Exterior stair and railing repairs and replacement as needed.  New exterior mechanical and storage doors.  Replacement of benches. 

Security and Safety – All new camera system and exterior lighting.

When did construction start at The Pines?

Renovations began at the property in April 2023 when the roofs on all buildings were replaced. The first work to renovate an occupied apartment began in late August 2023. Construction will continue through the end of 2025 until the project is complete.

Do residents have to move out or leave their unit during renovations?

Yes, all households will need to temporarily move to a transition unit at the Pines when it is time for their current unit to be renovated. Previously, it was thought that most residents could stay in their unit and work would happen only during work hours. However, due to construction requirements and safety considerations, residents will need to relocate for the duration of the renovations in their section of the property, which is projected to last 6 to 8 weeks due to added scope to the renovations. During this time, residents will stay in one of our transition units. Once their unit has been scheduled residents will be provided with packing materials, such as boxes, packing paper and tape. All furniture and belongings will go with the household and will be moved by professional movers into the transition unit. Once renovations on their unit are complete, they will return to their fully renovated unit.

For residents who do not require ADA services but are currently living in one of the 22 units that will be made Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, they will need to relocate permanently to another unit at The Pines. All relocation costs will be covered in full. 

Who can residents talk to about the renovations and what is happening in their unit?

Ownership has hired HousingToHome (HTH) to work with each household around the renovations in their unit. Residents will not incur any additional costs outside of your normal monthly rent. A relocation manager has been assigned as the key point of contact and is available by email, phone or in person in an office at the property.

Will rent go up due to these renovations?

No, rent will continue to be based on each household's current lease agreement.

What do residents need to do to prepare their apartment for renovations?

HTH will give each household a diagram preparation notice that will take them through each step required for preparation.

Where can residents get boxes to pack their kitchen and bathroom?

HTH will provide packing boxes to residents well before their renovations start.

How will residents properly care for new appliances and flooring?

Each resident who receives new appliances and/or flooring will receive handouts with proper care instructions for each.

Will outstanding work orders be addressed during the renovations?

A resident with outstanding work orders speak with the Property Manager to make sure they are addressed and resolved. Residents who are having issues with anything in their apartment should place a work order as soon as possible to address the problem. The contractors completing renovations to apartments will not be authorized to address work orders or routine maintenance issues. 

Can pets come to the transition unit?

Yes, pets will be allowed to stay with their household in the transition unit. A household will be able to occupy their relocation unit as if it were their own until it is time to return to their renovated apartment.                                                  

Are the transition units shared?

No, the transition unit is set up as a temporary home and private to the household. The relocation unit will be a vacant cleaned apartment at the Pines. All residents will need to continue to pay rent and follow the rules of their lease while in the relocation unit.

Are transition units completely renovated?

No. These apartments have new flooring and paint, full kitchens and bathrooms, as well as free utilities, free internet and free Roku TV service. They will be fully renovated when they are no longer needed as temporary transition units.

How can residents be sure that transition units and renovated units are safe and properly built?

The Town inspects all transition units between occupants and inspects all fully renovated units before they are re-occupied. In addition, transition units are fully sanitized before each household moves in.

Can residents request a direct transfer to a different, renovated unit?

Transfer requests will be reviewed as they are received and approved by property management.

Is the exterior of the buildings being fixed and/or painted?

Yes. Roofs and windows are being replaced in every building and every apartment. Exterior façades are being repaired, as needed, and painted. New signage will be installed; curbs will be repaired; new dumpsters, enclosures and mailboxes will be added; and parking will be repaved and striped.

Will lighting be changed around the complex and carports?

Yes. Pole lighting, Carport and entry lighting were replaced as part of the project in 2023. Please report any issues with these lights to management.


Will residents receive closet doors as part of the renovation?

Yes. All living room and bedroom closet doors are being replaced.

Will there be designated parking spots for contractors?

Yes. There will be a designated area for contractors to park their personal/work vehicles. This area will not affect resident parking.

Will there be security cameras set up in the laundry areas?

Currently, two laundry areas already have cameras. Camera are being installed in the remaining two as part of this project.

How will residents get to and from the transition unit if they do not have a ride or can’t walk?

Transportation will be available to and from the transition unit on move days for any resident who needs it.

How is the transition unit being kept clean?

Each unit to be cleaned before a resident moves in and after a resident moves out.

Will the renovated ADA units have a walk-in tub/shower, wider door frames for wheelchair accessibility, larger closets for storage of medical equipment?

The new ADA units will have a walk in tub/shower and wider doorways to accommodate resident needs. They will not have larger closets for storage space.

Are dishwashers being installed?

Each apartment will have a new refrigerator and stove/oven range installed. No dishwashers will be installed.

What happened to the 19 apartments destroyed in the January 2022 fire?

All 19 of the apartments have been rebuilt and residents began moving into them in March 2024.

Is there asbestos at the Pines?

Unfortunately, the use of asbestos in building materials was relatively common for properties built back in the early 1970s. It’s an issue that’s known to the project funders, state agencies and state inspectors. There was a robust amount of investigation and testing conducted by third party environmental firms during the pre-development phase leading up to the rehab. The scope for all interior unit work was established based on this extensive testing, with reviews and approvals from various regulatory agencies, including the New York Department of Labor (NYDOL).


Where has asbestos been found?

The testing conducted before the rehab identified asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in the wallboard joint compound, mastics/adhesives and window caulking. Some of the exterior concrete stucco samples also came back with trace amounts of ACMs. Again, these are fairly common occurrences in housing stock built during the early 1970s. A site-specific work plan, including ongoing third party and state oversight, was approved. The work plan called for an interior rehab scope with a combination of encapsulation, where ACMs can safely remain in place, and remediation, where ACMs can be disturbed for plumbing line replacements, cabinet replacements, and other in-unit, intensive work scope. Asbestos work abatement and encapsulation has been conducted by licensed contractors under the direct supervision of DiMarco Constructors and a NYDOL licensed, on-site asbestos project monitoring firm that is responsible for third party air monitoring. The abatement and encapsulation work is subject to regular field inspections by the NYDOL. The rehab work plan and protocols related to ACMs have been continually updated based on field conditions, which have resulted in additional document submittal and approval from NYDOL.


What has WinnCompanies done to deal with this problem?

This work is being conducted by the General Contractor, DiMarco Constructors, with ACM demo and removal being conducted by subcontractors that are licensed to handle ACM in New York. The development team has made DiMarco Constructors aware that all parties are committed to making sure the renovations are done in a way that complies with all local, state and federal requirements. We want the best possible procedures in place for the health and safety of everyone involved, so we intend to follow the state’s direction.

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