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Tenant Association Takes Shape at the Pines

WinnCompanies’ acquisition and renovation of the Pines of Perinton has created new connections between the staff and residents of the historic 508-unit affordable housing community. The very nature of the project – a phased rehabilitation that requires highly coordinated temporary relocation – generates more opportunities for engagement.


One of the most exciting developments of the process has been the formation of the Pines of Perinton Tenant Association (PPTA), which recently held its third meeting in five weeks with representatives of WinnDevelopment, WinnResidential, Connected Communities, the HousingToHome relocation consultant and DiMarco Constructors, the general contractor conducting the $65 million project.


Since an initial meeting held by Zoom in late February, the PPTA and representatives of the company and the renovation team have met twice in person at the property with an option for members to join meetings virtually. Association members have also toured apartments that have been renovated and others that are under construction.


These sessions have resulted in:

·       Stronger information-sharing about the opportunities and challenges of the project.

·       More clarity about reasonable accommodation transfers.

·       Better lines of communication to construction and management representatives.

·       Improved resources to help residents understand the occupied rehabilitation process.

·       Ongoing discussion about security and safety protocols for the community.


The March meetings were held in a Wi-Fi-enabled temporary space on the property, but the newly remodeled Community Building will offer the PPTA a permanent meeting space once it opens.


The PPTA is one of dozens of tenant associations working with WinnResidential at apartment communities that the company owns or manages in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.


WinnCompanies’ experience is that consistent, professional engagement with residents through well-run, representative associations is important in establishing a positive atmosphere within an apartment property. These constructive partnerships not only promote transparency among all involved but also clear up misinformation and foster real-time feedback from residents that can help improve operations for the benefit of the entire community. 


We look forward to expanding resident participation in the PPTA. Interested residents can learn more by connecting to the association via email or by phone at 585-678-1393.


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