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Rehab Work Reaches 20% Completion Mark

Apartments serving more than 20 percent of the households at the Pines of Perinton have been renovated just nine months since work began to upgrade individual apartments at the affordable housing community.

As of May 6:

  • 78 apartments have been renovated;

  • 26 renovated apartments were awaiting final inspection; and,

  • 19 new apartments have been built.


With the rebuilt units included in the count, 123 of the community’s 508 apartments have now been significantly improved and modernized.


Households returning to live in their renovated units continue to report that they are extremely satisfied with their upgraded kitchens, bathrooms, windows, lighting and flooring. Meanwhile, renovations are currently underway in 26 apartments.


The map accompanying this post shows the areas of the community where work has been completed (green), where renovations are currently underway (yellow) and where units destroyed in a January 2022 fire have been rebuilt (blue).


With construction on the WinnResidential management office and the Community Building also completed, plans are taking shape for a communitywide event to celebrate the new fitness center, computer lab, and meeting and event spaces that will be available to residents, non-profit service partners, and local groups. New mailboxes have also been installed for residents.


While apartment renovations continue, the summer season will feature additional open space upgrades, including a new playground, new signage and landscaping improvements.


We thank Pines’ residents for their patience, cooperation and support as we continue to invest in an improved living experience for this invaluable affordable housing community.


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